Eating our way around Chicago

Piero and I just got back from a quick 4-day trip to Chicago and it was AMAZING!! For those who haven’t been before, it is a really lovely city, very liveable (in the downtown specifically). There’s so much interesting architecture (old and new), and some really expansive and beautiful parks, particularly around the waterfront. I just kept saying “WHY CAN’T TORONTO HAVE NICE THINGS???” (For instance, in Chicago, you can pay for public transit with a tap debit card. What the what???)

Besides walking around, gawking at all the pretty things, we mostly stuffed ourselves with food all across the city. Basically, how I travel is, “We should go to this neighbourhood because apparently there are good tacos there, and then this other neighbourhood because they have pierogies.” Etc. Piero just shakes his head and follows along.

Dinner on our first night was at Table Fifty-Two, where the cuisine is New American twists on Southern classics. The chef was apparently Oprah’s private cook for a number of years. In a beautifully renovated mansion in the upscale Gold Coast neighbourhood, a bit north of the downtown Loop, Table Fifty-Two felt intimate, decadent, and friendly.  Continue reading