New Camera!


Guess what? I was gifted a new camera! (From the bestest of common law roomies, Mr. Piero.) I’d been wanting a new one for a while because my old one was… well, old.

And the new one is JUST THE GREATEST. It’s the Sony a6000, the best mirrorless DSLR on the market. (I now know some things about cameras.) I can now be a camera nerd and, like, collect expensive lenses or crouch down in the middle of the sidewalk to awkwardly get a better angled shot, or whatever camera nerds do.

My photos so far may not be THE GREATEST but they’re getting there! I had a bit of a realization a few weeks ago that the reason I don’t post on Project Yum very much right now is because really I just want a blog with photos. It kind of stresses me out having to come up with stuff to say. Anyway, I might explain that at greater length some other time, but for now, I wanted to share some photos that I’ve taken so far. (Many Ben glamour shots included, of course.) Enjoy!

DSC00197DSC00188DSC00189DSC00009DSC00088DSC00252 DSC00271