Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk

Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk | Project Yum

I drink kind of a lot of coffee. Specifically since starting a “normal” office job, I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking 3-4 cups per day. I know this doesn’t qualify me for full-on “coffee addict” status (I think my mom used to drink, like, 8 cups a day), but I definitely take advantage of the unlimited free coffee that working in an office affords. And I’m often the person ordering coffee after dinner – or even with dinner. I’ve never been kept awake by coffee, or gotten jittery from it or anything. I just love the taste.

I was always saying, “I should drink less coffee” and even, at one point, gave up drinking it because Piero convinced me it was really bad for me. (This was several years ago, when I still believed everything he said.) BUT! There’s new research! And it shows that your life expectancy increases when you drink more coffee – maxing out at 4 cups a day and then declining again if you drink any more than that. But 4 cups a day is apparently perfectly acceptable – actually even better than just drinking 1 or 2 cups. I’m gonna live forever…  Continue reading


Chocolate Banana Protein Muffins

Chocolate Banana Protein Muffins | Project Yum

It’s the second recipe for protein week! Chocolate banana protein muffins… nom. I know I always say this, but: these are so easy!!!! You literally blend all of the ingredients together and then bake them. If you want some extra oomph for your muffins, you could add chopped dates, coconut, peanut butter, or, oh, just about whatever your heart desires.

These little dudes are super dense and feel like a treat without being overly sweet or rich. They’re packed with protein powder and fiber from the oat bran, making them a great morning snack, or even breakfast if you have a couple.

Just a note, if you have a silicone muffin “tin” or silicone liners, definitely use those for this recipe! Apparently baked goods made with oats are prone to sticking, so silicone will make your life much easier. Continue reading

Spinach Frittata with Potato, Leek & Feta

Spinach Frittata with Potato, Leek & Feta | Project Yum

I have been told that there is a misconception in North America the preparation of a frittata. According to my Authentic Italian Source (AKA Piero), you DO NOT bake frittata. The word “frittata” derives from the Italian verb meaning “to fry” and so a proper Italian frittata is fried on the stove, not baked as I have always seen.

This is a really helpful fact when you do not have a dish that can both transfer from stove to oven and fit an entire frittata. Because then you can just cook your beautiful frittata on the stovetop. Which is what has happened here.

This is a extra special Project Yum post, because this frittata was made to share at a brunch with my former roommates, the lovely Ashley, Esther, and Micah. Esther was in Toronto visiting from her home of Vancouver, and so it was a very important occasion that called for brunch, the most refined of meals. Continue reading

Creamy, Cheesy Polenta & Egg Skillet

Creamy, Cheesy Polenta & Egg Skillet | Project Yum

I have to start by noting that I am clearly totally obsessed with nestled eggs. First the shakshuka, now this. And I’m only on my fifth recipe. There’s just something so delicious about a soft, runny egg blending into the flavours of another dish.

In this case, creamy, cheesy polenta. Yum. I stumbled across this idea while looking for a recipe for fried polenta and eggs. Which I will still make, at some point. But a skillet with nestled eggs just sounded so tempting that I haven’t quite gotten to the fried version yet.

The first time I made this dish, I topped it with fried sage leaves, which I would highly recommend. Fried – or, in the summer, barbequed – sage leaves are deliciously crispy and flavourful. You should probably put them on top of everything you cook. (Did I already say that about coconut oil? That too.)
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Shakshuka | Project Yum

Lately, I have really not been feeling breakfast foods. I mean, I would gladly eat fried eggs every morning. Or pancakes. Or waffles. But on the average day, none of that breakfast deliciousness is happening, mostly because I do want some remnant of a nutritionally-balanced breakfast. And right now, I just can’t stomach cereal or oatmeal. So, for breakfast recently, I’ve been drinking protein shakes most of the time because I don’t want to think about solid food in the morning. (And, yes, drinking my breakfast is also starting to get old pretty quickly.)

What I don’t have a problem with in the morning is eating “dinner” food. I sometimes just eat my dinner leftovers for breakfast, because I would rather eat broccoli first thing than toast.

I’ve been making shakshuka for a while now. I’m not sure where I originally found the recipe, but this is the version that I’ve tweaked to my taste.  Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern/North African dish consisting of poached eggs in a tomato-y, peppery sauce sauce. Continue reading