Sleepy Kitty Sunday: How to make a cat bed out of recycled clothes

How to make a cat bed out of recycled clothes | Project Yum

I made one of these beds for Big Ben a few months ago and I couldn’t believe how easy it was! We had wanted to buy him a bed, but cat beds are kind of expensive, considering that they’re just shaped cushions. So, I figured that I would try to make him one instead.

And he actually likes it! We have one beside our bed in our room, and he sleeps on it next to us all the time. I’m mostly surprised by this because cats normally ignore anything you get especially for them, eschewing store-bought beds for shoe boxes and manufactured toys for tissue paper. Or electrical cords.

I recently did a massive purge of my closet, and figured that my newly-rejected clothes would make a fine second bed for Ben in the living room. He hasn’t quite warmed to this one yet, but he’s weirdly paranoid about stepping on unfamiliar soft surfaces (yoga mats terrify him) and will probably get over it.  Continue reading