Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk

Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk | Project Yum

I drink kind of a lot of coffee. Specifically since starting a “normal” office job, I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking 3-4 cups per day. I know this doesn’t qualify me for full-on “coffee addict” status (I think my mom used to drink, like, 8 cups a day), but I definitely take advantage of the unlimited free coffee that working in an office affords. And I’m often the person ordering coffee after dinner – or even with dinner. I’ve never been kept awake by coffee, or gotten jittery from it or anything. I just love the taste.

I was always saying, “I should drink less coffee” and even, at one point, gave up drinking it because Piero convinced me it was really bad for me. (This was several years ago, when I still believed everything he said.) BUT! There’s new research! And it shows that your life expectancy increases when you drink more coffee – maxing out at 4 cups a day and then declining again if you drink any more than that. But 4 cups a day is apparently perfectly acceptable – actually even better than just drinking 1 or 2 cups. I’m gonna live forever… 

Fun fact about coffee: apparently, it was supposed to have been discovered by an Ethiopian farmer who noticed that his goats got all hyper after eating these particular berries. He was like, “My damn goats won’t go to sleep,” and took the berries to a local monastery and the monks made the berries into a drink and were like, “This is awesome! We can stay up reading scriptures and stuff forever!” And thus coffee was born. (This information is gleaned from an episode of the Stuff You Should Know podcast, so I take no responsibility for the accuracy.)

Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk | Project Yum Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk | Project Yum

In the summer, I tend to cut back on my coffee intake because of the heat, and I never seemed to be able to make good iced coffee at home. But then I found this really great way to cold brew coffee overnight in your fridge! I find it tastes a lot better than hot coffee that is poured over ice. I’ve sweetened the coffee here with condensed milk, but you could also use almond milk or coconut milk and either would be delicious!

Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk | Project Yum Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk | Project YumOh, hello, cat.

Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk | Project Yum Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk | Project Yum

Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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Recipe adapted from Thug Kitchen


  • 3.5 cups cold water
  • 1 cup ground coffee
  • Sweetened condensed milk, to taste


  1. Measure the water into a container with a tight-fitting lid (a mason jar works well). Add the coffee grounds, seal the jar, and shake the mix well, making sure to remove any dry pockets of grounds. Let sit in the fridge overnight, or for at least 8 hours.
  2. The next day, strain the coffee out with a fine sieve. Optionally, strain again through a coffee filter.
  3. Serve over ice, stirring in sweetened condensed milk to taste.


3 thoughts on “Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk

  1. Cool recipe, I like how it can easily be adapted for 2.

    Condensed milk with coffee reminds me of the coffee we drank in Vietnam. The coffee there is very dark, very thick but because of the condensed milk, also very sweet.

    I love coffee. I love coffee flavoured things too. But after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that can gives heart palpitations, I’ve cut down my coffee to 1 coffee per week.

    I usually save it for a day where I need that extra shot of super charged energy and because my tolerance for coffee has gone waaaay down, drinking a cup of coffee affects me like it would probably affect you if you had 10 espressos. It’s kind of awesome. I hear that you can wean yourself from coffee and after a short time, you tolerance will go back to normal. That’s if you want to do that.

    My husband drinks many coffees in a day and can sleep immediately after a coffee. I prefer to save coffee for a special occasion so I can use it like a delicious, cheap, super charged drug.

    • Thank you for bringing this up! I totally recognize that people react to coffee in very different ways. A friend was telling me that the benefits of coffee are also individualized in people based on a particular genome. I totally understand how you would want to savour coffee in that case.

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