New Camera!


Guess what? I was gifted a new camera! (From the bestest of common law roomies, Mr. Piero.) I’d been wanting a new one for a while because my old one was… well, old.

And the new one is JUST THE GREATEST. It’s the Sony a6000, the best mirrorless DSLR on the market. (I now know some things about cameras.) I can now be a camera nerd and, like, collect expensive lenses or crouch down in the middle of the sidewalk to awkwardly get a better angled shot, or whatever camera nerds do.

My photos so far may not be THE GREATEST but they’re getting there! I had a bit of a realization a few weeks ago that the reason I don’t post on Project Yum very much right now is because really I just want a blog with photos. It kind of stresses me out having to come up with stuff to say. Anyway, I might explain that at greater length some other time, but for now, I wanted to share some photos that I’ve taken so far. (Many Ben glamour shots included, of course.) Enjoy!

DSC00197DSC00188DSC00189DSC00009DSC00088DSC00252 DSC00271


Sleepy Kitty Sunday – July 20, 2014

Big Ben the cat on the carpet

Happy Sunday!

We went on a bit of an apartment reorganizing and rearranging spree last weekend. It all started with me saying, “maybe we could put the couch by the window at some point…” and then all of a sudden the whole day had passed, we’d made an Ikea trip, lugged things both into and out of our storage locker, and the apartment looked WAY bigger and totally different.

The green carpet is one of the things that journeyed out of the storage locker and I think Benny boy is the happiest about this. He loves sitting on the comfy carpet and grabbing it in his claws.

We still have some purchases to make to finish our apartment redo (unless anyone has a random chest/blanket box/ottoman with storage laying around? Yeah, I didn’t think so.) but so far I am really liking the new set up. Much more space and natural light. And of course, the cat likes it, so naturally that’s the most important.

Big Ben the cat on the green carpet

Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk

Cold Brewed Coffee with Sweetened Condensed Milk | Project Yum

I drink kind of a lot of coffee. Specifically since starting a “normal” office job, I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking 3-4 cups per day. I know this doesn’t qualify me for full-on “coffee addict” status (I think my mom used to drink, like, 8 cups a day), but I definitely take advantage of the unlimited free coffee that working in an office affords. And I’m often the person ordering coffee after dinner – or even with dinner. I’ve never been kept awake by coffee, or gotten jittery from it or anything. I just love the taste.

I was always saying, “I should drink less coffee” and even, at one point, gave up drinking it because Piero convinced me it was really bad for me. (This was several years ago, when I still believed everything he said.) BUT! There’s new research! And it shows that your life expectancy increases when you drink more coffee – maxing out at 4 cups a day and then declining again if you drink any more than that. But 4 cups a day is apparently perfectly acceptable – actually even better than just drinking 1 or 2 cups. I’m gonna live forever…  Continue reading

Seared Cabbage with White Beans and Potatoes

Seared Cabbage with White Beans and Potatoes | Project Yum
Ok, things have been a bit crazy lately. Mainly because I have been all over the place – I took separate trips to Ottawa, Chicago, and Detroit in 3.5 weeks. But it’s been amazing!

I’m trying to get back into my regular cooking routine, but in the meantime, y’all are going to get some random old recipes that I have had sitting here as drafts FOREVER. You don’t get any fun commentary about the recipe for now, ok? Just ingredients and instructions.

Deal with it. Now go cook some cabbage.

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Eating our way around Chicago

Piero and I just got back from a quick 4-day trip to Chicago and it was AMAZING!! For those who haven’t been before, it is a really lovely city, very liveable (in the downtown specifically). There’s so much interesting architecture (old and new), and some really expansive and beautiful parks, particularly around the waterfront. I just kept saying “WHY CAN’T TORONTO HAVE NICE THINGS???” (For instance, in Chicago, you can pay for public transit with a tap debit card. What the what???)

Besides walking around, gawking at all the pretty things, we mostly stuffed ourselves with food all across the city. Basically, how I travel is, “We should go to this neighbourhood because apparently there are good tacos there, and then this other neighbourhood because they have pierogies.” Etc. Piero just shakes his head and follows along.

Dinner on our first night was at Table Fifty-Two, where the cuisine is New American twists on Southern classics. The chef was apparently Oprah’s private cook for a number of years. In a beautifully renovated mansion in the upscale Gold Coast neighbourhood, a bit north of the downtown Loop, Table Fifty-Two felt intimate, decadent, and friendly.  Continue reading